Health Coaching Services

Health Evaluations consist of a non evasive? body composition analysis performed to assess a person’s current state of health and associated health risks. The evaluation also examines a history of previous efforts to achieve results, current lifestyle, preexisting health conditions, eating habits and achievable health goals. Based on the results of the health evaluation we will setup an individual personalized nutrition program, that combined with our ongoing coaching and followup, will guarantee success.

Personalized Targeted Nutrition Plans
Programs address Healthy Weight Loss & Weight Gain, Weight Management, Healthy
Aging, Energy & Vitality, Digestive Health, Cellular Nutrition, Immune Health, Men’s &
Women’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Outer Nutrition. Proven results are supported with
first-hand testimonies from our many clients.

Weight Loss Challenges are group meetings designed to motivate and challenge anyone
looking to lose weight in a fun and supportive environment with weekly interactive
meetings that discuss a new nutrition topic each week, and accountability with weekly measurements.   
There are prizes to celebrate personal weekly success. Every Weight Loss
Challenge includes a money Jackpot where the winner or “biggest loser” at the end of
the challenge gets the cash. Weight Loss Challenges run between 6 to 8 weeks and include
personal coaching. We encourage participants to do the Weight Loss Challenge
with friends and family.

Personalized Health Coaching is designed to improve your health and guide you into
a more healthy active lifestyle. Whether you are inactive and completely out of shape or
athletic, we will design a personalized nutrition program that will help you achieve your
health and fitness goals. We will support your success by establishing a personalized
baseline with goal setting and regular followups that include measured metrics. Our
coaching will keep you on track and motivated.

Ongoing Support & Online Coaching are offered to each person starting a nutrition
program. Ongoing consultations are provided to ensure your desired results. You will
have access to our online client portal that will help you stay on track and accountable.

Fitclub Exercise Classes
Whatever your level, you will find our weekly classes motivating, challenging and FUN.
Whether you want to lose weight, get toned or take athletic performance to the next level,
we will help you reach your potential. When you take nutrition and pair it with regular
exercise, the combination is active healthy lifestyle. Are you up for the challenge?
Progress is measured and charted including weight loss (or gain if that’s the goal) and
percentage body fat loss.

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