Corporate Wellness Programs

As  chronic  illnesses  become more  common, employers are challenged with both productivity losses  from  increasing absenteeism as well as  rocketing increases in premiums as employees regularly use hospital and physician services. Managing these challenges requires a commitment to employee health and wellness, and a commitment to comprehensive nutrition programs that have proven results.  Our team of worksite wellness professionals offers a range of services. Our Corporate Wellness Programs include the following personalized services available to the employer that can be offered as part of an in house employer sponsored Wellness Program to employees:

• Nutrition Workshops on various topics related to nutrition, healthy weight loss, healthy breakfast, digestive health and cellular nutrition. These presentations and classes often include the latest health care trends, health recommendations,  information on leading nutrition programs, program results, and steps for getting started. Employers can make this service a ‘Lunch n’ Learn’ program.

• Health Evaluation Assessments  designed to identify health issues impacting the health and productivity of each employee. The confidential evaluation is used to match appropriate nutrition programs to the needs of each individual and educate employees in the process

• Weight Loss Challenges run in house designed to educate, motivate and challenge employees in a fun supportive environment to achieve healthy weight loss with scheduled weekly interactive meetings that discuss new topics of nutrition each week, include measurements and celebrate success. Employers can make this service a ‘Lunch n’ Learn’ program. 

Targeted Nutrition Programs that are comprehensive in scope and personalized to each employee. Programs address weight management, fatigue, heart  health, immune system support, digestive health and other health areas needing attention. Proven results are supported with first-hand testimonies from our many clients.

• Ongoing Support & Individualized Coaching  are offered to each person starting a nutrition program.  Ongoing consultations are provided to each employee to ensure their desired results. In addition, personal online coaching is included to help keep employees on track and accountable.


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