Partnering Opportunities

Did you know that…..
Americans spend more than $60 billion dollars a year on weight loss and weight loss programs. The Explosive growth of the weight loss industry presents opportunities worth investigating.

If you are a health provider offering health related or remedial services in or out of a clinic and have a client / patient base,  we can help your practice or business create and develop an entirely new profit center – Weight Loss & Weight Management services. Our business model offers strong profitability with little investment. We  are committed to your success and provide full support for the creation, development and implementation of any nutrition services you adopt.

  • Medical doctor
  • Bootcamp instructor
  • Chiropractor
  • Zumba or dance instructor
  • Nutritionist
  • Aesthetician
  • Dietician
  • Massage therapist
  • Therapist
  • Fitness Center proprietor 
  • Nurse
  • Exercise Studio proprietor
  • Health Coach
  • Spa proprietor 
  • Personal trainer                        
  • Hair salon proprietor

To learn more and for an in depth analysis of how this service will impact your bottom line,
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