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  • Abe R. Lost 25 Lbs

  • My name is Abe R. I am 63 years old and semi retired. 

    I first met with one of the coaches at the NY Nutrition Center back in January 6, 2015. When my measurements were taken, I was shocked to discover that I weighed in at a whopping 195 pounds and my percentage body fat reading came in at 33%. The stats were a wake up call that my obesity had to be addressed immediately.

    I had attempted dieting in the past which resulted in short term results only to find to my disappointment that I would gain the pounds back very soon after losing the weight. I found that I was always hungry and lacked the energy to go to the gym for a work out. If I did make it to to the gym, I would be hungry again and would eat resulting in a loss of any benefit I achieved from the workout. I was on a frustrating Yo Yo diet treadmill.

    I was put on a comprehensive nutrition program and found that the missing link to my previous weight management efforts lay in the consumption of protein. Very early into the program, taking nutrition supplements and making better food choices, I found a surge in my energy levels and became more motivated to go to the gym.

    Following the program religiously and then working out at the gym, I am proud to say that I weighed in at 170.8 pounds. This was a 25 pound drop in slightly over 2 months – incredible! My percentage body fat came in at under 25% and other measurements were equally impressive. I used to be a Type II diabetic and on medication. This was very dangerous especially at my age. In addition, I had high blood pressure and cholesterol that needed to be addressed as well.

    Due to changes I made in my lifestyle with the help of the coaches from the NY Nutrition Center, I am thrilled to report that my blood sugar readings dropped to normal levels that I was able to sustain. My cholesterol and blood pressure levels were stable as well. I have achieved optimum health through the nutrition program that I was coached to follow.

    Other health benefits I enjoyed:

    • greater endurance and strength
    • improved quality of life
    • increased energy levels
    • much better posture and am not prone to feeling aches, pains and stiffness
    • reduced stress and mental strain
    • increased focus and concentration contributing to greater productivity

    I am still living in a time warp from the eighties and delighted to announce that I can now fit into my retro 80’s sweaters and Miami Vice jacket. The most significant overall positive benefit was a permanent lifestyle change and transformation.

    Thank you – NY Nutrition Center.


    Abe Rosenthal
    January 14th, 2015