Eric Cleverly Lost 97 Lbs

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Mark M. Lost 40 Lbs

I have been struggling with my weight for many years. Until I finally decided to do something, I tried to put it off because I already had a regular exercise regimen which I felt pretty good about. The thing was that although I was raising my heartbeat and drenching my T-shirt, I still wasn’t shedding the pounds. That’s when I heard about the NY Nutrition Center and I finally gave up putting it off and paid them a visit.

And that is how it began.

What I truly appreciate was the dedication, persistence, kindness and care. They honestly want to see you succeed and know how to find the proper balance between encouragement and being just persistent enough to push you to the next level. Throughout the process, they do so by emphasizing the elements for success: adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating properly, and exercising regularly. They were always there to take an unexpected, extra step ??like accompanying me to the gym to ensure that my workout program was balanced and designed to deliver positive results.

As for the coaches, Their enthusiasm was infectious and they always explain the science behind the program as well as how supplementation should be used as part of a gradual, sustained weight-loss program. They showed great patience in response to my initial barrage of questions and skepticism trying something new.

I am quite pleased with my progress ??a loss of about 40 lbs over 8 months. That’s far slower than the ads for miraculous treatments you may see in newspapers. But I have always been a proponent of doing things slowly so they would last.

I wouldn’t say that the journey so far has been easy but it hasn’t been difficult. Regular exercise has been invaluable. Also, what I like about the approach is that I was still able to enjoy my food with their program. This way, I did not feel that I was on a ?diet?.

And if I felt I was going to slip up, I also knew that with the support of the coaches and their encouragement, sound nutrition advice, they were always just a phone call away. I am thankful to NY Nutrition Center and feel that other people looking for guidance would be lucky to have them in their corner.

Mark Mietkiewicz
June 14th 2015